Becoming a real estate agent

Anyone who is interested in becoming an estate agent will need to have an understanding of the way that the property market works. In most cases, the best way to make a career in this field is to find an entry level role with a real estate agent. This way you can learn from people who are already working as estate agents and who have the knowledge that you will need to acquire.

Become qualified

There are several qualifications that you can study for if you want to be an estate agent and if you start in an entry level role it is possible that your employer might pay for you to study and take the exams. Obtaining a qualification in this field is a good idea as it will show your employer that you are serious about your career and it will also help you in the future. You may decide that you do not want to remain all your working life with the same agency and the qualification will demonstrate to prospective employers that you have the knowledge, skills and experience that they need.